Friday, August 14, 2009

The Art of Hustling

So last week I got laid off from my aparrel job. I design shirts, and apparently the company
can't afford my services anymore. haha no I'm kidding. Anyways, the economy is rough,
so I decided- you know what. I'm gonna freelance for a bit, make some extra cash and travel.
I've always wanted to travel and work for myself. So here's my oppurtunity....

Only thing is I don't know how to hustle. I've been getting freelance work, only I don't know how
to price it. Everyone tells me different things. I guess I just need to stick to my guns and come up
with a rate..... and stick to it.

I'm such chicken shit- that when it does come to my rate- I'm not always confident about how to price
it. I know I'm good, I know my services are worth my rate, so whats my problem.

My friend Mike said I need freelance boot camp- No shit I also need confidence boot camp...

Anyways here's a nice painting I did the other month. Sorry Blog I've neglected you.
This is Flip it from the Beginnings Art Show- hosted by Painted Apples


Michael Anthony said...
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Michael Anthony said...

I am glad to see you are bloging again! Believe me, working for yourself is a risk, but that's life in general! If we don't take risks we will always wonder, what could of been. Everyone will always want to put something in your ear and have an opinion and judge. Follow your heart and believe in yourself and your talents! Don't cut yourself short. Continue to surround yourself with driven, motivated and sincere people! You can always contact me if you have any questions. I'm a straight shooter!

Dwight said...

I would see assess how you would pay yourself an hourly rate or as the whole piece, then maybe you'll get a ballpark rate. It's tough to price low, but you gotta start somewhere and spread your art. As a freelancer, it's probably better to spread your work as an advertisement than have it sitting at home.

You can always try to make prints so you can sell it cheaper. I would like to do that for my artwork so it's priced reasonable for everyone.

MAB said...

Hi Sis,

I think you're worth your weight in gold. :)