Friday, August 14, 2009

The Art of Hustling

So last week I got laid off from my aparrel job. I design shirts, and apparently the company
can't afford my services anymore. haha no I'm kidding. Anyways, the economy is rough,
so I decided- you know what. I'm gonna freelance for a bit, make some extra cash and travel.
I've always wanted to travel and work for myself. So here's my oppurtunity....

Only thing is I don't know how to hustle. I've been getting freelance work, only I don't know how
to price it. Everyone tells me different things. I guess I just need to stick to my guns and come up
with a rate..... and stick to it.

I'm such chicken shit- that when it does come to my rate- I'm not always confident about how to price
it. I know I'm good, I know my services are worth my rate, so whats my problem.

My friend Mike said I need freelance boot camp- No shit I also need confidence boot camp...

Anyways here's a nice painting I did the other month. Sorry Blog I've neglected you.
This is Flip it from the Beginnings Art Show- hosted by Painted Apples