Monday, June 8, 2009

Everyday People

Ok I'm back- not that I was ever gone! But I did have this nice empty blog. It kept questioning me like an empty canvas-and I had to answer it.

But those days are over! I'm back on the interweb, and I plan to update this blog reguraly. What will you find here you ask?
well first off- it's gonna be random as hell. But what I mostly wanna put up is my ART ( work in progress) why? because we are ALL a work in progress and I wanna show you mine as I go along :)

Um and I'm gonna talk about Music, Life and everything in between. I'm gonna talk about this jungle called life, and it might not always be exciting- but it will be real. As real as this


haha and if you are an everday person, and you wanna talk about everyday shit- then stop by my blog. Because that is what I'm gonna cover- every day life from an everyday person

here's a lil something something to start your day..


fabius said...

this jam makes me want to throw my hands up in the air.

Jana Rae said...

holla! will be stopping by :)