Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can't Touch This!

So maybe two weeks ago I started running. I'm training for the OC Mud Run, and hopefully come October-
I will be doing the Long Beach Marathon. (fingers crossed)
the Mud Run is 6 miles- so I've been trying to up it every week. I started with 1 mile- and now this week I should
be up to 3 miles.

Let me tell you- running is not easy. But i try to motivate myself by thinking about how awesome my abs will be come summer-
oh and I like to picture myself winning a marathon
- it goes something like this-
I'm the underdog that somehow magically wins the marathon with only half a left lung ( true story ).
Then I'll receive tons of news press and make it onto the cover of TIME magazine- as a young 26 year old cancer survivor that won a 13 mile half marathon.

My dog Pepper will also make it on that cover as well- since he helped me train, PLUS he was a big part of my support group.

Haha ok I just went off on a tangent. But no seriously come summer- I plan to be chilling on the beach with my awesome abs while drinking a Pacifico ( and yes magically that Pacifico will have no calories). And I'll be humming "Can't TOUCH this!" as homage to my amazing abs! So I guess I'll end on that note-

Thank you to my amazing friend Steve who introduced me to this video- ( I watched it like 5 times last night!)

enjoy people

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Dwight said...

Man, this would probably freak me out at first. Seriously, I would freak out then I would dance with them...haha